Case Buddy Skinny iPad 3 Bluetooth Keyboard Case and iPad 3 Stylus Pen

This iPad 3 Case review and description:

The Case Buddy Skinny iPad 3 Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Ipad 3 Stylus Pen is the ultimate accessory for your iPad 3. You can use your iPad 3 in either portrait or landscape modes, and its keyboard, rechargeable via USB, pairs up with your iPad 3 via Bluetooth. This iPad 3 peripheral keeps your work space clutter free and cable free with its unique minimalist yet extremely functional design. It extends the usability of your iPad 3 by adding a wireless/bluetooth physical keyboard with extremely long battery life. You can address screen smudges or simply having large finger issues by using the increibly accurate iPad 3 stylus. This iPad 3 case is perfect for students, notetakers, digital artists or anybody would wants to easily extend the functionality of their iPad 3.

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